Bloor West Village: Where Old-Fashioned Gets a New Twist

7 Feb

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Welcome to a stretch  along Bloor Street West, where an old school layout means small shops and businesses line the main street in the heart of an ever evolving metropolis: Toronto.

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Bloor West Village blends modern with Historical in a charming way, attracting both local residents in the neighborhood as well as many non-local visitors on a daily basis.

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With the opening of a stretch of the Bloor-Danforth subway line that passed through Bloor West Village in the 60s, the local municipal government gave this section of Bloor Street a face lift, in order to attract local residents who now had the convenience of shopping elsewhere with the new subway at their doorsteps. Not only did this  help local businesses keep their customers, but also brought in many new customers from other parts of the city — not to mention new businesses.

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A passerby can’t help but get the feeling they’ve traveled back to a simpler time where the definition of urban life was exactly what one sees at Bloor West Village, despite it being 2014.

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Independent businesses line the street, from pubs to cafes, to a handful of fresh bakeries and butcher shops.

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Despite the heavy independent business scene, many big businesses have found a home in the heart of Bloor West as well. The Chapters at the corner of Bloor and Runnymede (2223 Bloor Street West) is located in the historical Runnymede Theater, built in 1927 — officially declared a historic building under the Ontario Heritage Act. The historical theater has been preserved and restored, and incorporated into the interior design of this Chapters location, making it the most unique Chapters you’ll ever walk into all across the Greater Toronto Area.

The daily hustle and bustle starts from the early morning hours, as bakers and coffee shops fire up their ovens and espresso machines.

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The liveliness of the village doesn’t compromise the peace of the residence however, as quiet side streets along the village make for cosy and family friendly neighborhoods, with parks and schools. Not to mention, residents of this neighborhood are a five minute walk from High Park.

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Make sure to check out Bloor West Village if you still haven’t, you won’t regret it!


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