My Favorite Podcast

28 Nov

I was writing the first would-be sentence of this blog post when I realized something rather intriguing: a squiggly line doesn’t appear under the term “podcast”, suggesting a spelling error. Curiosity got the better of me and I looked “podcast” up in the Oxford Dictionaries Online. Sure enough, there is a definition. While the word is only 8 years old, it’s used to the point where it has made legitimate dictionaries! That’s certainly a reflection on how popular podcasts have become.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about my favorite podcasts. It’s hard to list a few favorite podcasts, since there’s so many of them covering countless topics. But there are some that stand out to me at least. I suffer from sever fanaticism that could be considered borderline lunacy when it comes to soccer, so the podcast I follow most is called the Bundesliga Fanatic. It’s all about Germany’s top domestic soccer league. Following every match-day, there is a podcast analyzing the games and the league overall. It’s by far the most comprehensive and in-depth podcast about the German league in English. It makes life a lot easier for me, since my German has become rusty over the years.

Another podcast that tickles my fancy is called “Mike Filey’s Toronto Podcast”. It hasn’t been around for long, but offers great content. It’s about Toronto’s history and the many things that have happened in this city over the years, long before I was born. It covers anything from a hurricane that hit Toronto decades ago to how stores were closed on Sundays back in the day. While this podcast has been around for a few months only, it became one of my favorites almost instantly.

I also really like the Ted Talk Podcast. Ted Talks is pretty famous for covering a variety of topics, with speakers from all over the world chiming in on pretty much everything. Whether it’s global warming, a brand new gadget, or a high intensity particle accelerator, there’s always something new to learn. What I like most about this podcast, is that it covers a very diverse range of topics by experts. Every new podcast by Ted Talks gives me something interesting to think about, and adds to my general knowledge. It makes me know of things I would never have bothered to look up on my own. And that’s pretty much why I love podcasts. I hope after reading this, you’re convinced to check out at least one of the podcasts I’ve mentioned in this post!


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