Tweets to Success

14 Nov

This story involves coolness — and Twitter! Unfortunately, it doesn’t involve me. It revolves around my other half, the apple of my blogpost: my GF, Arina. She’s been far more active in the Twittersphere than I, and since I’m apparently considered a “Tweep“, this post will be about one of her epic tweet-speriences… ummm, experiences.

It was only this past summer, when she was finishing a long work week at Canada’s very own factory of desire, Harlequin, that she checked her tweets. On her way to the bus, she came across something rather unusual. She had received a tweet from @CollegesOntario asking her to contact them about her writing. The excitement turned Arina’s usually strenuous commute home into a guessing game of what they could possibly want from her.

When she finally got home and called the Colleges Ontario office, they were closed for the weekend. On Monday morning, she received a phone call from a representative at Colleges Ontario who was putting together a higher education summit in Toronto to discuss the issues affecting young people’s education. The lady in charge wanted to know if Arina could be a part of their panel on youth unemployment. Colleges Ontario had found out about Arina by following her on Twitter. She had just published an article about the shortage of students going into skilled trades, which she obviously tweeted about. After calling me and freaking out for a bit, I had the chance to Google this whole conference, and I was delighted to find out it was quite a prestigious event. Famous economist and author of The World is Flat, Thomas Freedman, is the keynote speaker, along with the presidents of colleges across the GTA leading other discussions throughout the two days. I had actually read The World is Flat and was probably as excited as she was!

The moral of the story is that it all happened thanks to Twitter. Maybe this is a sign from the god(s) of the Twitterverse that I should convert, and embrace this spectacle of social media.


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