Why Radio?

7 Nov

“Why radio?!” It’s a question I’m often asked by my friends, relatives, peers, broadcast teachers – heck, even myself! It’s a question that begs an elaborate answer. My deep interest in news and what goes on around me is the main reason I chose broadcast. I’m interested in current events that affect us humans, whether it’s happening in my backyard or halfway across the world. From new bike lanes on my street, to the Euro-zone crisis, it’s something I find conversation-worthy. Why radio specifically? Because I love communicating the ideas I’m passionate about, with many people, through talk. I can talk to multiple people one-on-one all at the same time, through radio. I can potentially engage each listener individually, as if I’m telling a friend what’s going on in the world. My dream job in radio is to one day host a talk-show on a news station. Yet even as a newscaster, I could still see myself making an impact on my listener. Not only through telling them the news, but delivering it in a manner that impacts them and makes them realize why it should matter to them.

I think the main culprit for my interest in news is having lived in very different parts of the world. I find that we have so much to learn about each other as humans, and from what goes on around us on this earth. When I live in a country, I always strived to talk about what goes on in the other countries I’ve lived in. I ran for my life from armed vigilantes on the streets of Tehran, after mass election fraud. I felt betrayed; I wanted the world to know that my vote didn’t count. I took one of the eight subway lines in Düsseldorf to school every weekday at 8:13am for a few years. Every morning, at exactly the same time! Never a delay except for the one occasion there was a strike. Efficiency and order to such a degree is a phenomenon I’ve only experienced in my birthplace: Germany. I learned deeply about more cultures than I can count with my fingers and toes combined in Canada. I heard a dozen languages in one day on the streets of Toronto. I became a Canadian. And the list goes on. Whatever I experienced in these three countries, all fueled my passion for sharing stories of what goes on around the world. How trains arriving on time somewhere, can be a lesson elsewhere. How oppression somewhere, means not taking your freedoms for granted somewhere else. How living in a country with so many people from other races/ethnicities and getting along is a possibility. And this list can go on forever too!  

Back to the topic: radio. The main challenge I’ve faced in Radio so far is that “good enough” is not good enough. That I’m always reminding myself to try my hardest, even in courses that are not my main area of interest. At least with all the effort comes reward. One thing I’m really glad about is that I’m a pretty punctual person, and it has proven to save my rear-end from losing 5% on days when I faced unexpected delays! 


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